"I honestly didn’t believe I would feel so differently about myself. Simon helped me to understand aspects of myself I didn’t want to acknowledge. It wasn’t easy but I feel so much more is possible for me now.” "

Robert M, London

London Psychotherapist


Thank you for visiting the London Psychotherapist website. Professionally trained, qualified and UKCP accredited, I offer psychotherapy for individuals and couples, counselling and coaching in London W1. I am also an accredited and qualified supervisor to therapists and coaches. I am recognised by all the major health insurance companies.

My consulting room in Regent Street, only a short walk from Oxford Circus and Piccadilly tubes and Soho provides a quiet, comfortable space for individuals and couples who come from all walks of life. Since the start of the pandemic I have been offering on-line sessions in addition to face to face psychotherapy sessions in central London.

I incorporate different techniques and theories tailored to suit the unique situation of each client or couple. These approaches include gestalt therapy, with its focus on the present; CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy) to identify and challenge distorted thoughts and perspectives and psychodynamic therapy which examines the past and how it has shaped us. Mindfulness, visualisations, role plays and creative experiments are offered to enliven the process with experiential learning providing tools to use outside the sessions. I am also training as a yoga teacher which supports my deepening interest in breathing techniques and use of body awareness in therapy. This integrative therapy approach enables the flexibility to work with many different issues and concerns. I incorporate these theories, models and interests into my work:

• Gestalt therapy

• Mindfulness

• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

• Psychodynamic Therapy

• Somatic (embodied) psychotherapy for trauma 

• Breathing techniques

• Imagery and visualisations

• Internal Family Systems

• Attachment based therapy  


Research shows that for therapy to be most effective, it requires a supportive, open and trusting relationship between therapist and client. This is something I value highly and strive to build from the start by setting out a clear path and timescale for the treatment.

I believe passionately in the importance of the therapeutic process being demystified and laid bare as it unfolds. You will then understand how changes have happened and be able to take that knowledge with you.


• You will gain the self-knowledge and awareness to end unhelpful patterns and habits that limit your potential for a rewarding life.

• I will help you develop the ability to reframe your struggles and problematic situations so that they don’t overwhelm you.

• Negative self-beliefs and feelings will give way to confidence through self compassion and acceptance.

• Relationships with others and yourself, will grow and deepen.

• Horizons will open as you feel able to embrace change and see new opportunities arise.

• You will feel heard and understood by me, as I support your growth and journey towards maturity.

• I will support you to listen to and know your body’s wisdom

• You will learn some of the very basic science about what is happening in your brain and nervous system when negative patterns persist.

• You will feel the freedom and empowerment to make choices that align with your deepest values and wishes.


In addition to my London psychotherapist practice, I also run a group for men (Men’s group London), which has become an online group since the pandemic made it impossible to meet as a group ‘in person’. This is on-going. See my Men’s group page for more details.

About me

Before training to become a therapist in 2003 my background was in the arts and creative industry. I bring this experience and interest in creativity to my work with individuals, couples and groups, supporting growth through experimentation and self-expression.

After training and whilst I was building my London psychotherapist practice, I worked at the north London priory, a private mental health and psychiatric hospital. Since then private work with clients has become the main focus and in addition to working as a psychotherapist I completed my training as a clinical supervisor in 2014.

I run an on-going men’s group in central London (now held online due to the pandemic) and have also run groups and workshops within organisations. I supervise therapists, coaches and staff at an NHS service.

I have found my experience of working in highly pressured environments and commercial businesses, extremely useful in my work with those who are experiencing work-related stress.

Mediation, exercise and a keen interest In a variety of related to fields including social history, eastern philosophy and current affairs support my practice and healthy well-being. I am a firm believer in the idea that therapists need to look after themselves to be able to be fully available for their clients.


I have worked with clients online for many years before the outbreak of the pandemic, but since then have increased the amount of spaces I offer for online appointments as demand has risen.

I use, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp video and FaceTime and have found that working this way, using a large screen computer so that I can see and hear my clients clearly, has enabled an extremely effective working method.

These sessions are a practical alternative for those who are unable to attend face-to-face sessions. See further details re Online therapy

Psychotherapy and counselling in London

Most of my clients are referred or recommended and come with a wide range of issues including:

• Depression
• Anxiety
• Trauma
• Acute stress
• Relationship problems
• Family issues and conflicts
• Anger issues and management
• Self esteem and confidence
• Work and career issues
• Loss of meaning/purpose in life
• Life stage crisis and transition
• Sexual concerns
• Performance issues
• Unmet potential
• Communication issues

The first step to finding out whether psychotherapy/counselling might be beneficial is to contact me on 07740 535399 or email simon@london-psychotherapist.co.uk to arrange an initial consultation during which we would discuss the possibility of working together. I will give you an idea of how therapy with me could be beneficial and how the process might unfold. Your call and any communication between us will be treated confidentially.


I am accredited by the UKCP  www.psychotherapy.org.uk and an affiliate of the Gestalt Centre London www.gestaltcentre.org.uk

"Working with you, my life opened up and expanded, became more colourful, more adventurous. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t look forward to coming to your office to explore myself. I’ve always enjoyed your creativity, your ability to go off the beaten path, your generosity. And most of all, I enjoyed your willingness to not just listen, but actively participate by sharing something about you in the process, which showed me the work was not just about myself, but – crucially – about relationships. Your sessions led, unexpectedly, to me taking a very different path in my career and in other areas. I now feel closer to myself, and equipped with a lot more tools to navigate the open sea of life.” "

Andrea F, London

Couples therapy in London

I have been working with couples for 10 years and have undertaken several trainings to support my development in this area. The focus is on improving communication between the couple. Feeling misunderstood, unheard and unseen by your partner is a major source of problems in a relationship.

Many problems that couples encounter in the course of a relationship are surmountable when open dialogue is possible. I aim to help couples by providing them with tools for better listening and communication to work through their difficulties with kindness and patience for each other.

Imago therapy, which helps couples learn to understand each other’s historical issues and how they play into the current relationship dynamics, has been an important influence alongside the work of Esther Perel, whose book, Mating in Captivity, has informed my interest in how couples can maintain an intimate connection throughout a long relationship.

My approach to couples therapy will help you in these ways:

• To learn how to communicate effectively

• End unhelpful dynamics and patterns

• Understand how your histories complicate the relationship

• Restore intimacy, liveliness and fun

• Confront financial issues

• Manage family conflicts

• Align values and expectations

• Understand how children affect the relationship

• Explore sexual concerns

• Support through divorce and separation

• Increase trust and empathy

What is psychotherapy?

This brief explanation of psychotherapy, how it works and what it entails might be useful for those who have not worked with a therapist or counsellor before: