Men's Group London

OPENING THE MALE – A supportive way to explore your issues with other men; discover what masculinity means to you; make new friends and connections and benefit from the unique experience of being part of a men’s group. This group will restart in April 2024. 

The Mens’ group London weekly sessions have been running since 2009 and have provided much needed support and a space for transformation for a wide range of men from all walks of life. My passion for running a men’s group in central London began after I joined a group 20 years ago. Since then I trained in Gestalt therapy and obtained a diploma in group facilitation to be able to run my own groups.

Experience of running groups at the priory and facilitating groups in organisations and other business settings has provided a valuable range of experiences leading groups in different settings and with a diverse range of people. I’m grateful to be able to bring this experience to the facilitation of a weekly group and to the various and complex issues that arise in a group where it is impossible to predict what will show up for each member week by week.

Monday evenings for 2 hours in Regent St, London W1.
The group will run with 6-10 men for 3 ‘terms’ a year, each lasting 12 weeks.
The cost is £40 per evening.

Men are welcome to join the group for one 12 week term only or to remain in the group as a long-term member.will

Group Facilitator – Simon Jacobs

I am a London based psychotherapist working with individuals and groups. I have attended workshops and sat in groups with men for a number of years, experiences that have lead me to believe in the unique and healing power of a men’s group. In addition to my work with individuals at my practice on Regent Street, I run groups at the Priory Hospital, north London.

Men's group London - who Can Join?

The group is open to men from any faith or culture. Straight, gay, single, married, divorced. Whatever your status, you will benefit from the group if you have the courage and curiosity to discover more about your self; a willingness to listen to others; can give and receive feedback with the aim of obtaining greater self-awareness and insights into the habitual roles, patterns and beliefs which may be preventing you from leading a rewarding life.

The group can support you with issues with anger/rage, addiction, depression, loneliness, relationship problems or simply if you want to discover and learn more about your journey through life as a man.

How to Join

For more information call 07740 535399 or email to arrange a meeting with me to discuss the group and find out more. This meeting costs nothing and there is no commitment if you feel the group is not right for you.

"I found the group at a point where I was going through a major transition, personally and, professionally. It was eye-opening to realise that men have the same sort of issues. A truly unique and, powerful experience” "

Alex S