About the Group (Mens)

MEN’S GROUP London – open to new members

A supportive way to explore your issues with other men; discover what masculinity means to you; make new friends and connections and benefit from the unique experience of being part of a group.

SIMON JACOBS BA, PG Dip, MA, UKCP – individual and group psychotherapist


What Happens in a Group?

The group sits in a circle, sharing thoughts and feelings relating to our current life issues and those we carry with us from the past. We offer each member of the group the space and time to tell his story and in doing so the group gets to know itself and individuals get to know each other. In this way we build trust and a safe place for self-discovery in the company of others.


How are the Evenings Structured?

On some evenings we may focus on whatever themes and issues men bring to the group following the interests of group members wherever that takes us. On other evenings I will suggest a theme – say anger for instance – and the group will take up this theme and members bring their own perspectives and experiences. I will facilitate exercises which may involve movement, drawing, working in pairs, and role playing.


The Ongoing Group

I will run the 12 week group 3 times a year. Some men may only want to take part for the 12 weeks, others may want to remain in the group.