Brief Transformational Sessions

I offer intensely focused, transformational sessions, each 90 mins long at a cost of £250 per session. These can booked as a package of 6 for £1200. 

In the first session we will identify the underlying issue and distill this into a question to be answered and resolved in a brief term of therapy. This is distinctly different from longer term therapy where a more gentle approach, built on a trusted relationship between myself and you, the client, allows for issues to be addressed as they emerge organically and over time. 

This way of working is particularly useful for people who have limited time or a particularly pressing problem that requires a more solution focused approach. It will suit those who do not want to engage in the weekly or fortnight commitment of longer term therapy. These focused, transformational sessions can be held in person or on Zoom and would start with a questionnaire before we meet to help you distil and define the problem clearly before we begin. For more details get in contact