Couple Counselling

It takes effort and commitment to maintain a healthy loving relationship. I help couples to understand the hidden dynamics at work in their relationship which are undermining their ability to understand and connect with each other.

When cracks appear in a relationship for whatever reason, couple counselling can help to identify what is going wrong and how things need to change between the partners to restore love, empathy and sometimes even respect which may have been lost as resentments build up.

The pressure of raising children, financial concerns, unresolved psychological issues or simply the fact that the partners have settled into fixed roles that have become destructive, are all factors which can contribute to the breakdown of a relationship. I seek to help you understand how the relationship has become difficult; what is it about the way you communicate with each other that has become problematic?

Certain dynamics will reveal themselves in the session itself, in the way you talk and listen to each other. Once we have begun to understand what is missing from the relationship, new ways of listening, talking together, understanding and resolving problems can be explored. Negotiating and conflict management skills can be incorporated into a tool box for the couple to take away and try out in the relationship between sessions.

I offer couple counselling from my office in central London to those wishing to work on their relationship together in a safe and confidential space. Fees are £90 for a one hour session. Longer sessions are available.

If you are interested to find out more about how couple/relationship counselling with me might be helpful, please contact me on 07740 535399 or at to discuss your situation and how I might be able to help.

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